First Light

I was really honored to recently write a new quartet* for St. Francis High School, titled "First Light," which the music performance ensemble premiered last week. The piece is for clarinet, sax, cello and piano, a unique combination that produced some really interesting tone colors. When researching for this piece, I didn't come across many... Continue Reading →

Interlude to Water

My performance of Japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu's brief Interlude to Water, the fourth piece in his Pleiades Dances I, Op. 27, for solo piano.

evening, lake sagamore

New music+poetry: a bright darkness has cascaded across Lake Sagamore this summer night the glad starlight dimpled in warm waves has whitewashed our wandering boat a toast in every direction black trees raising windswept leaves and beneath the cabin eaves strands of hazy light birthing fireflies who hover woodstacks resting on my back dipping with... Continue Reading →

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