Riverlights #1

Well, with summer concluding I hope to get around to posting more regulary, although I think that's going to be more along the lines of monthly versus weekly. With that, here is an new piano composition, "Riverlights #1," I hope you enjoy.P.S. For those interested in such things, here is a link to download the... Continue Reading →

Floating Clouds

This short composition is part of a collection titled Eight Memories in Watercolor by Chinese composer Tan Dun. Given the title, I don't suppose it needs much introduction. I recorded this in my home studio and shot the video with my iPhone.

Free download

I'm excited to offer a free music download (click "download" below) of a piano piece I've written to help promote a new book by my sister, author Erin Knightley. Erin's historical romance trilogy is being published on Penguin Book's NAL imprint. I've read an advanced copy and can verify it is a terrific read. It's... Continue Reading →

Spring in the air

Lots of fun and interesting things in the works this spring:In March, I submitted a new composition for piano and violin to the Hilary Hahn encore contest. My thanks to violinist Jane Halliday and pianist Sam Hodges for playing through this for me and providing valuable feedback for improvement.I've also just submitted a new work... Continue Reading →

Joy and Woe

This is a new nocturne* I've written for solo piano, paired with an excerpt from William Blake's poem Auguries of Innocence. The way he writes about joy and woe being intertwined really captures for me the bittersweet-ness of life, something I try and explore in much of my music. You can read the entire poem... Continue Reading →

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