Waltz No. 35

This is an new composition for solo piano, which I’ve paired with animation from Eadweard Muybridge’s Phenakistoscope (No. 35): A Couple Waltzing (public domain). The phenakistoscope is a technology from the 1800s that incorporated a spinning disc to produce the illusion of movement — a precursor apparently to motion pictures. I wrote the music first, which is technically not a traditional waltz, but more a dream-like version of one. I came across the animation by chance on wikipedia (here) and thought it fit well with that idea and the mood of the music. In other words, a happy accident.

6 thoughts on “Waltz No. 35

  1. Thanks! “Hypnotic” is the perfect word for the imagery — I think its interesting, if you watch closely your eyes start to play tricks on you, at least it has that effect on me.

  2. Well, well done! Can't believe you wrote the music first…simply amazing: Some cutting-edge artist's animated piece from the 1800s caught up with your cutting edge composition in the 2000's to dance dreamily across and around the face of my iPad…Perfect accompaniment to my Merlot and the waning evening on my deck. Life is good…

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