"A galaxy dies"

This is part two of the Flying at Night series I’ve written for solo piano, based on the poem of the same name by Ted Kooser (scroll down further for part one). Images again shot with my wife’s iPhone using the 8mm app, with the help of a fortuitous spring night snow. Music recorded in my home studio. This is an impression of the lines: Five billion miles away, a galaxy dies / like a snowflake falling on water.

Note, mobile users, if video doesn’t load, click here to view on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “"A galaxy dies"

  1. This kicks-ass dude. I could try to wax intellectual on it's various merits, but why? When something kicks-ass, just say it kicks-ass.

    Of all your work, this is my personal favorite. Well done.

  2. Thanks. I got lucky catching a snow fall one night in April. The next day was like 70 degrees. Only in Kentucky.

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