"Beneath us, constellations"

This is part one in a series of solo piano pieces I’ve based on Ted Kooser‘s poem Flying at Night. I shot this video on my wife’s iPhone using the 8mm app, and my dad is the pilot in this short film collage — a family affair all around. The music and images are a reflection/meditation of the first stanza of the poem: Above us, stars. Beneath us, constellations. An elegant observation by Kooser in my opinion.

Note: Click arrows in bottom right corner of video to view larger.

Another note: Mobile users click here to view.


2 thoughts on “"Beneath us, constellations"

  1. This video and the music and the piece of poetry are a perfect storm of grace and imagination. I love this. Can't stop replaying it over and over…

  2. This one brings tears to my eyes every time. Incredible storytelling, truly spell-bounding. I had to share this one with everyone I know – I hope you don't mind 😉

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