Reflecting on Silence

There are long stretches in Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence that are so, well, silent, I couldn’t help but notice a faint, persistent clacking noise coming from behind the theater wall next to me, to my endless irritation. I’m not sure what the sound was, maybe the movie next door, or perhaps the HVAC unit... Continue Reading →

Short Review: Two Years… by Salman Rushdie

I’ll be upfront and say I haven’t read One Thousand and One Nights (a.k.a Arabian Nights) the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales from which inspires the title and, I’m assuming, the content of Salman Rushdie’s novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (do the math). As such, I’m sure there are all sorts... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on “The Revenant”

warning: mild spoilers I'll begin at the end. As The Revenant came to a close, my dad leaned over to me and whispered something about the reverent atmosphere as people noiselessly began to rise and leave the theater. I nodded in agreement. We stayed through the credits, listening as the music unwound in plaintive strings,... Continue Reading →

The Dog Stars : A Short Review

“Why don’t we have a word for the utterance between laughing and crying?” -The Dog StarsThe first thing you notice is the broken prose—but coming from a broken man, it seems fitting. Higgs, the protagonist of Peter Heller’s The Dog Stars, speaks in halting, rambling phrases that blindside you from time to time with their... Continue Reading →

the blueprint

“Work stops at sunset. Darkness falls over the building site. The sky is filled with stars. 'There is the blueprint,' they say.”- Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

Frequent Failure Points

Well, I just found out I failed to place in yet another composition competition. And it got me thinking how cool it would be if, like frequent flyer points, you could get frequent failure points and redeem them at some point for actual success (or a flight to Florida). Reluctantly, I have to admit that... Continue Reading →

for Ray Bradbury

In fifth grade, I read Ray Bradbury's famous short story All Summer in a Day, and it was like a punch in the gut. It's one of the first times I remember having a distinct physical reaction to something I had read, a kind of churning inside. It's as if my mind wasn't quite ready... Continue Reading →

Spring in the air

Lots of fun and interesting things in the works this spring:In March, I submitted a new composition for piano and violin to the Hilary Hahn encore contest. My thanks to violinist Jane Halliday and pianist Sam Hodges for playing through this for me and providing valuable feedback for improvement.I've also just submitted a new work... Continue Reading →


This past week marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s “Nevermind,” and like a dutiful GenXer, I tuned into Palladia to watch the band in never-before released footage of a 1991 concert in Seattle.Watching the show was, in a way, like flipping through old Christmas photos. You see yourself, you remember the emotions... Continue Reading →

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