self portrait

I had hoped to be an intellectual to astound all with my impressive grasp of the French Revolution, the Second Viennese School and James Joyce But I am a sieve knowledge pouring through pooling for a moment then retreating in a swirl into the inner expanse irretrievable So, there's nothing left to do but peel... Continue Reading →

day and night

often, after a long night, we rejoice at daybreak as if the sun leapt over arching blackness to rescue us from despair but the sun doesn't leap— it is the cursed earth, restless Sisyphus, which pushes us from darkness unto light and back again


out back the blue Adirondack I neglected to put away for winter, slowly is filling with snow in summer I often sit there late into the evening looking up, to behold the beckoning Moon but tonight that luminous white light has abdicated her starry throne to grace my chair, unexpectedly: beholding me

Short Review: Two Years… by Salman Rushdie

I’ll be upfront and say I haven’t read One Thousand and One Nights (a.k.a Arabian Nights) the collection of Middle Eastern folk tales from which inspires the title and, I’m assuming, the content of Salman Rushdie’s novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (do the math). As such, I’m sure there are all sorts... Continue Reading →


for Bayla the world is waking like an old dog in fits and starts, cattails emerging as matted fur damp from mud white has melted into pale green and there are warm, earthy smells if you stop, attend to the rushing wind rise on aching bones stretch and shake race me, headlong through the empty... Continue Reading →

be cold

be cold, sometimes: sit in your frosted-covered car without starting it or, walk coat-less through a green-less park in January let your cheeks go pink and your fingers numb, allow yourself to shiver this winter and, in the absence of warmth, give thanks

Thoughts on “The Revenant”

warning: mild spoilers I'll begin at the end. As The Revenant came to a close, my dad leaned over to me and whispered something about the reverent atmosphere as people noiselessly began to rise and leave the theater. I nodded in agreement. We stayed through the credits, listening as the music unwound in plaintive strings,... Continue Reading →


has a tree limb ever caught you by the shoulder with the worn touch of a loved one entreating you not to leave? surely, Nature cares not whether we come whether we go: the leaves still fall the wind still blows and yet, a tree caught me by the shoulder today and I felt obliged... Continue Reading →

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